Winning at Coys auctions – buying a classic car

Winning at any auction is an exciting thing but when you’re bidding on your dream car at Coys auctions it can get very exciting indeed. As an auction house Coys getting a fair bit of media coverage, it has been featured on car enthusiast programs such as top gear so when someone thinks of buying a vintage car it is typically this place that springs to mind.

Most people will often recognise the name because of the world-famous race track there. On any given weekend it is not uncommon to see Formula One race cars zooming around the track, because of the popularity of the race itself, car enthusiasts flock to the place in their droves and prices can soon climb into the millions. These days auction topic business, many people are treating classic cars as an investment vehicle rather than a labor and purchase of love. Myself I have always been collected purely for pleasure but I have often found myself discovering that some of the cars I have bought in the past out with significantly more than I have paid for them.

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A great day at Coys auctions

The beauty of places like Coys auctions and other auction houses is despite their popularity, there is always the opportunity to snap up here very good deal if you know what you’re looking for. It very often helps to bid on a car that has some damage, usually this is best if the damage is only superficial or cosmetic and can easily be repaired by a professional.

By buying one of the less desirable cars that perhaps need work you can often get a much lower price of the car is actually worth, this is a trick they use time and time again in rm auctions and the many other places like it in the UK. It is important to turn up to these events with the design bidding strategy so that you know exactly how much you’re going to pay in advance at Coys auctions house.

Enjoying a day out at RM auctions for classic cars

As well as being great places to get good deals on cars, classic car auctions like RM auctions also make fantastic days out for entire families. Of course there are times when you need to concentrate and to the task of actually bidding on a car is at hand but beyond this these places into a attracted many people as possible and will often put on entertainment and hospitality catering.


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RM is one of the many places that have realised that if they can attract women and children then they can very often get the car enthusiast husbands (typically) along too. To this end you’ll often find exciting exhibitions have the latest and greatest concept cars on the market. Concept cars can be great fun to go look at, they can give you a glimpse of the future of automobile technology and car manufacturers really to put some of their most ingenious ideas on show. The technology that we have an outcast today often comes from these concept cars that you may see at car auctions.

RM auctions has a longstanding history

Many of these car auction houses like RM auctions have a long standing history in the motor industry. There are very few newcomers to auctions as in order to be a success these places need to have a certain amount of prestige in the mind of buyers. If you’re interested in learning a little more about the history of these tags are places there are a wide variety of resources online that can help you I willing to if you below.

It’s worth checking out the bands website on a monthly basis as they update the schedule of their auctions, sometimes these change so in order to not miss out it is worth keeping on top of it. Very often they will put on one-off auctions for charity too, although some of these cars can become very expensive they are worth going to have a look at if you’re into classic motor collections.