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Health & Social Services Documents
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Date Author Title
1/Oct/2004 ODPM September 2004 Briefing on the Electronic Technology Policy Collaborative
30/Sep/2004 ODPM Supporting People Health Pilots Programme
30/Sep/2004 ODPM Health Pilot- Waltham Forest
30/Sep/2004 ODPM Health Pilot- Southwark
30/Sep/2004 ODPM Health Pilot- Salford
30/Sep/2004 ODPM Health Pilot- North Lincolnshire
30/Sep/2004 ODPM Health Pilot - Northampton
30/Sep/2004 ODPM Health Pilot- Doncaster
15/Jun/2004 ODPM Mental Health and Social Exclusion report
20/Oct/2003 ODPM Benefits of Working with Supporting People
3/Oct/2003 ODPM Primary Care Trusts Presentation
6/Jun/2003 ODPM Health Pilots Bidding Specification
6/Jun/2003 ODPM Pilots Bidding Form
5/Sep/2002 DOH Supported Housing and Care Homes Guidance on Regulation