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Five year strategy development Documents
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Date Author Title
24/Aug/2004 ODPM The Essential Guide To Developing The 5 Year Supporting People Strategy v1.0
23/Jan/2004 ODPM Needs Assessment And Priority Setting Practice Aid
21/Jan/2004 ODPM Appendix SR 2004 return, Needs Data, Worked Example (for SP teams)
19/Jan/2004 ODPM Assessing Value for Money - Introductory practice aid
5/Dec/2003 Strategy Toolkit Team Self Assessment Tool
24/Nov/2003 ODPM Strategy Development Checklist
24/Nov/2003 ODPm Supply Analysis Practice Aid
24/Nov/2003 ODPM PWC strategy toolkit bulletin
17/Nov/2003 ODPM Strategy-DeliveryResponsibilities
14/Nov/2003 PWC/ODPM Final risk management practice aid