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Subject Author Replies Date Posted
European Union Accessions Nahbila Sher 1 24/Nov/2004 11:19
Floating Support Work Group Mike Allred 7 18/Nov/2004 17:56
Using the quality assessment framework (domestic violence) Lin Tavlin 4 18/Nov/2004 16:07
Supporting People in two tier areas Chris Greenhill 14 15/Nov/2004 16:36
Service Rich Data - November Upload Sandra Leivers 1 12/Nov/2004 12:54
Authorities with HIA`s in place with a Service Level Agreement Christiana Bennett 2 9/Nov/2004 16:11
Head of Supporting People - reminder RBKC SP Team 0 8/Nov/2004 15:18
needs analysis and toolkits Barbara Murray 0 5/Nov/2004 15:29
MDO`s Patricia Crowther 0 20/Oct/2004 13:52
Head of Supporting People at Kensington and Chelsea Suzanne Ellis 0 20/Oct/2004 12:30
Successful Engagement Caroline Ryan 6 15/Oct/2004 10:00
licence agreements nicky parsons 6 5/Oct/2004 14:40
Update on Supporting People in Scotland Scottish Care Services Forum 0 2/Oct/2004 5:12
Registered Workers Helen Gowshall 0 30/Sep/2004 11:18
BME Floating Support Services Alison Turner 0 23/Sep/2004 12:34
Grant Directions Val Chambers 2 22/Sep/2004 16:37
Duty of care Eunice Mauchaza 3 20/Sep/2004 11:42
Pre tenancy support Steve Crane 0 16/Sep/2004 15:09
Support Service Charges Gary Fletcher 2 3/Sep/2004 11:58
"Risk assessment for staff" Dave Sergeant 2 27/Aug/2004 14:32
Fairer Charging Reviews Rachel Wing 0 24/Aug/2004 8:40
Swift Performance Indicators Input Ian Cartledge 3 23/Aug/2004 11:28
Rent Bond Guarantee scheme Peter Smith 3 20/Aug/2004 12:13
Outcomes Chris O`Leary 0 20/Aug/2004 11:45
Publication Protocol Please ODPM steve corton 1 19/Aug/2004 17:07

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