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Information for probation professionals

Housing-related support for ex-offenders and those at risk of offending is a key Supporting People service.

Providers and probation officials need to be fully involved in the local Supporting People strategy, helping to set priorities for service development. One important change for support providers is that Supporting People Grant will replace Probation Accommodation Grant.

More information about the Supporting People Probation Co-ordination Team

More information on the National Probation Service for England & Wales

Emerging Policy Documents Relating to Probation

Information for health and social care professionals

Local Supporting People teams will be developing partnerships with health and social services. The full potential of the programme to improve quality of life will rely on making these partnerships effective. Health and social care professionals need to be fully involved in the local Supporting People strategy, helping to set priorities for service development.

Why should I engage with Supporting People?

Supporting People will improve the quality of life for vulnerable people by providing a range of housing related support helping people to live independently in the community, which is what most people want. It will help Social Services to promote independent as opposed to institutional solutions. For the NHS, it will help to deliver timely support services enabling people to be discharged from hospital or to prevent admissions. It will help in meeting a range of Government targets based around prevention and the delivery of quality services in the both health and social care.

Supporting People breaks the link between funding support services based on where people live enabling more flexible and effective support services to be delivered. This offers greater flexibility since support will be available to people living in their own homes or in ordinary housing in the community as opposed to in just in special housing schemes.

The Supporting People programme is a strategic partnership between housing, the NHS, social services and probation. It will help local authorities and the NHS to deliver their own local strategies such as health improvement programmes and joint health and social care prevention strategies. Supporting People teams will be responsible for engaging with health and social services strategies identifying the need for housing related support, mapping supply and contributing to the joined up local agendas for meeting needs in a planned and coherent way.

Supporting People aims to develop and enhance preventative services providing positive health benefits for individuals and reducing emergency admissions, hospital stays and demand on long term residential care. As part of the broader preventative strategy for local councils and the NHS it can offer early help to avoid the need for acute and costly crisis care.