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This is an archived document
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Author: Core Monitoring and Review Group   Date: 1/Aug/2002
Organisation: odpm



What is the Core Monitoring & Review Group sending out today?

This paper introduces the documents now being distributed for consideration. The documents listed below comprise the Core Monitoring and Review Group consultation:

Consultation Process and Questions ¡V Quality Assessment Framework and Performance Indicators doc1

Monitoring & Review Consultation Feedback document

A briefing paper that ¡¥sets the scene¡¦ and explains how to feedback your comments on the Monitoring & Review products

Consultation paper on draft Performance Indicators doc 2

Outline proposals for performance indicators comprising:
3 national KPIs designed to measure performance against strategic objectives and fair access issues
Library of optional local indicators that may be used to further examine performance in areas of particular interest, at a local level
Range of management information designed to flow from data recording by service providers, upon which indicator calculations may be based

Quality Assessment Framework ¡V Part A: Guidance doc 3

Quality Assessment Framework ¡V Part B: Assessment Tables doc 4

Quality Assessment Framework ¡V Part C: Assessment Summary doc 5

Proposed Quality Assessment Framework in 3 parts:
„Ï Guidance & General Information
„Ï Comprehensive catalogue of service objectives and standards
„Ï Quality Assessment Summary Table

Monitoring and Review of Contracted Services Guidance Manual Framework (outline of Format and Content) doc 6

Guidance Manual Framework Format

Briefing Paper from June 2002 provided as appendix to Performance Indicator document

All these documents can be found on the K-web under ODPM Advisory Groups/ Core Monitoring & Review Group and under How it will work/ Supporting People Overview/ Consultation Papers. We would like to consult as widely as possible, so if you do not have access to the Internet we can send you a hard copy of these documents. For a hard copy please write to

Rachel Rosambeau
Zone 1F5
Bressenden Place

What is not being sent out yet?

Service Objective 1.11 ¡V Respect
The standards for this objective are still being developed in conjunction with an associated ODPM project group. Work is well underway and details will be issued as soon as possible.

Performance Indicator Definitions & Datasets

Work to develop the definitions and calculation methodology for the performance indicators will be completed during August.

Therefore, the paper to be commented upon during this exercise focuses more upon principles, rather than detail.

Accreditation, Validation & Service User Consultation Guidance
Work on these areas will continue throughout the summer and further information will be made available as soon after this consultation exercise as possible, and the project is still on target to produce guidance products by the end of October 2002.

Value For Money Information
Work to consider this aspect of monitoring and review will be stepped up in early autumn and further details will follow as soon as possible

What is the timescale for feedback?

This consultation exercise closes on 10th September so please ensure all your responses have been sent in by then. All comments should be returned to

Bernadette Scott
C/o Carr-Gomm society
Second floor
Paragon House
48 Seymour Grove
Old Trafford
M16 0LN

What is the timescale for the final product issue?

The Monitoring & Review Group has been asked to submit all their final products to the ODPM by 31st October 2002 and the group is currently on target to meet this deadline.

What feedback are you being asked to give as part of this exercise?

Read the attached Consultation Guidance document as it provides a set of questions and comment opportunities ¡V please give as much information as possible. Your general feedback comments could include your opinions on:

How these processes can be managed
How the standards ¡¥bandings¡¦ will be useful in driving up quality
Whether any of the standards could be amalgamated ¡V how & why
How providers & commissioners can make this work in partnership
How ¡¥critical¡¦ standards should/could be identified
How a ¡¥lighter touch¡¦ approach could be applied
What ¡¥improvement implementation¡¦ timescales may be sought
Whether the format/presentation of the standards works

What other opportunities will there be to comment on these products?

Three regional workshops are planned during August to further consider the attached proposals. These are:
14th August in Birmingham *
15th August in Manchester
23rd August in London
* Due to planned industrial action by Unison members in local authorities on this day, the workshop may be rescheduled for 29th August so please hold both dates in your diary until confirmation is possible

As numbers for these sessions must be limited, allocations will have to be on a first-come, first served basis, allowing for a representative spread of stakeholders.

What about the resource implications of using these products?

It has been recognised that it will take time and effort by both providers and local authorities to carry out service reviews and gather the performance information ¡V whether the proposed monitoring tools are used or not ¡V and work is underway to assess the implications. Any estimated needs/impacts could be usefully fed back by you to the CMRG as part of this consultation exercise.

How will the proposed products be tested?

A number of local authorities, in conjunction with associated providers, will be invited to participate in a pilot scheme from the late autumn through to SP Day, and beyond. The participants will be selected to ensure that different types of stakeholders are represented and further details will be circulated in due course.

In addition, there is a pilot scheme underway in Manchester City Council to test out a selected number of the quality standards and record them electronically, enabling reports and benchmarking information to be produced. This is being done in partnership with the mental health service sector and lessons learned will be widely shared once the findings become available to the Core Monitoring & Review Group.

How will providers collect and report all the information requested?

There will undoubtedly be a need to review current systems and processes, and this is likely to bring into question how information is recorded and reported. Clearly the picture will be different within different organisations ¡V depending on size, type, facilities etc ¡V but the principles of collecting accurate and meaningful information remains the s