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Recording information on clients
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Author: Shaun Bennet   Date: 8/Oct/2002
Abstract: Recording information on clients
Foir a hard copy of this document please contact - Rick at CVS on 020 793 9213.

The ODPM is proposing to introduce a system for recording information on new clients who access Supporting People services from April 2003. It is recognised that in the first year it would be unrealistic to roll out the system to the whole sector so that some types of services, in particular sheltered housing, will not be included in the first year. Equally, it is important to begin the recording process, as it is recognised that this will be a new activity for organisations.

Purpose of the system

The information on clients will provide the ODPM with an overview of who is accessing Supporting People services, as well as useful monitoring data for administrative authorities. The main purpose of the client record form will be to monitor the characteristics of clients over time and the routes by which they are accessing services. The information will be reported, by the Joint Centre to each Supporting People team on a quarterly basis and will also provide an annual overview. The Joint Centre will also be responsible for reporting the headline information for each SP administrative area and for England as a whole, to the ODPM.

The Process

The process will involve support providers completing a client record form about each client when they begin to receive housing related support services. An electronic version of the client record form will be available from April 2004, although a paper based version will also be available.

The Joint Centre for Scottish Housing Research (JCSHR) will process the Supporting People client record forms centrally. The JCSHR has recently been re-awarded the Housing Corporation’s contract for processing CORE data on housing association lettings and the new contract requires the Centre to also process Supporting People client record data. The processing of client record data will be funded by the ODPM.

The intention is that all providers of support will batch up client record forms monthly and send them to the JCSHR for processing. The JCSHR will validate the forms.

The role of local authorities

The role of local supporting people teams will be to ensure that providers are reporting regularly on new service users. Regular feedback reports from the JCSHR should alert them to those providers who are either not recording the client record data or are not forwarding it to the Joint Centre.

Ultimately authorities can take action through their contracts with providers, as the provision of monitoring information is a requirement within the Interim Contracts.

It is possible that local Supporting People teams may need to have a more active role in the process and this issue is being explored further during the piloting of the forms and the consultation seminars that are being organised for various stakeholders.

Implications for housing associations

It is recognised that some housing associations and managing agents will have to complete two forms about their supported housing schemes, one about the letting and one about the support services.

To try to reduce the additional work for housing associations and managing agents an electronic system is to be piloted next year that will combine the completion of both forms into a single process. Duplicate information will only need to be provided once, enabling providers to adopt an integrated approach to completing the forms. This will result in a process that will not be significantly different to completing the existing Supported CORE new lettings log.

Feedback from the sector

Both the combined CORE log and the client record form for Supporting People are to be piloted during October and November. The pilot will include housing associations, managing agents, local authority providers, private sector providers and small charitable agencies. In addition seminars are being held for local authorities (hosted by the LGA on 8th October), housing associations (hosted by the NHF on 7th November) and voluntary organisations (hosted by SITRA on 23rd October) –

The timetable for introduction is:

Piloting the combined CORE log and SP client record form

Final version of combined CORE log and SP client record form

April 2003
Introduction of the SP client record form

During 2003
Piloting of the electronic system for the combined CORE log and SP client record form

April 2004
Introduction of the combined CORE log
Introduction of the electronic system for all types of logs/forms

In case of queries about the client record form or its piloting please contact Shaun Bennet at