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Guidance on the Transitional Housing Benefit Scheme (DSS circular HB/CTB A1/2001, March 2001)
 (File Size: 110.9k)
Author: Department of Social Security   Date: 8/Apr/2002
Organisation: Department of Social Security
Abstract: The aim of this circular is to provide Housing Benefir Departments with an additional tool when dealing with providers who are reviewing their rent and support cjarges, in order to ensure the breakdowns are accurate and the process has been transparent. As previous guidance has recognised, it has been difficult for many providers to provide accurate breakdowns of their charges. The attached guidance has been developed taking into account examples of good practice from local authorities. The Questionnaire associated with this circular is attached as a seperate document - please return to the previous page and select Transitional Housing Benefit Scheme: Circular A10/Questionnaire in order to read or print. Additional keywords Housing Benefit Costs