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Supporting People and Domestic Violence - Information for local authorities and providers Briefing note 1
 020521impbriefing 1 identifying support.doc
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Author: DTLR   Date: 23/May/2002
Organisation: DTLR
Abstract: Authorities and Providers: Briefing note 1


This briefing r helps Supporting People lead officers and Refuge providers to identify the support charges which may be eligible for THB Funding.

It advises providers to review their schemes (including support services in the refuge or provided as floating support) to ensure that all the elements that may be eligible are included and realistically costed in THB claims.

Note that decisions about eligibility of any support charge for funding through THB, and the level of charge that can be met, are made by the Housing Benefit Officer.

The briefing will be updated if necessary, once the details of the Supporting People Grant have been finalised.