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This is an archived document
SP Local System Business Vision (Draft - Iteration 2) ARCHIVE
 (File Size: 217.0k)
Author: CGE&Y;   Date: 5/Oct/2001
Organisation: CGE&Y;
Abstract: The SPLS team have been working closely with a number of ‘pilot Local Authorities’ to develop the requirements for the SP Local System. The project is split into 3 iterations, and the project has recently completed the second iteration. Each iteration is a further development of the deliverables prepared for the previous iteration, and as a result none of these documents should be considered final, relied on for accuracy or completeness. All the documents are currently draft and updated versions will be released at the end of the iteration 3. They are posted here for purely consultative purposes, and your comments are very welcome.

General comments about the Supporting People Local System should be sent to (Tel: 0870 238 2299)

This document focuses on the functional and non-functional capabilities needed by the stakeholders, the target users and why these needs exist. The detailed requirements behind this are captured in the Requirements Catalogue (see separate KWeb entry). It sets the scene for the Local System by explaining the issues facing the provision of care to needy people, how the Supporting People Programme will solve these and the opportunity for the Local System in particular. It describes the users of the Local System and ensures that the stakeholder community adequately represents them.