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Supply Questionnaire Forms (SP1a, SP1b & SP2)
 (File Size: 208.5k)
Author: ODPM   Date: 8/Jun/2002
Organisation: ODPM
Abstract: These are the Supply Questionnaire Forms - SP1a, SP1b & SP2. Only SP1 or SP2 should be filled in for each service. SP1a should be completed for schemes where accommodation is provided as an integral part of the support service or where there is a contractual arrangement between the accommodation provider and the provider of support. SP1b is for filling in the details for each unit of accommodation, or for a group of accommodation units if they are within one building or on a single site (e.g. sheltered housing). SP2 is for those support services which do not have specific linked accommodation e.g. floating/resettlement support provided to people living in independent housing. Adobe Acrobat format