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Archived Frequently Asked Questions Documents
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Date Author Title
16/Dec/2002 ODPM FAQ on the HRA unpooled figures showing on the FINAL sizing the pot report.
20/Nov/2002 ODPM Questions answered about missing HB values, Floating Support, and the period 13 December to 31 March.
13/Nov/2002 ODPM FAQ - Unpooling
3/Oct/2002 ODPM FAQ - Subject: THBS
4/Sep/2002 ODPM FAQ - Subject: Charging
27/Aug/2002 ODPM FAQ - Subject: Contract
27/Aug/2002 ODPM FAQ - Subject: Quality and Monitoring
27/Aug/2002 ODPM FAQ - Subject: Pipeline Schemes
27/Aug/2002 ODPM FAQ - Subject: Voids